RandExit increases our capacity to meet your international property investment needs.

We now have the partners in place assisting to simplify the complexities around acquiring international property, while giving complete end-to-end support, from application through to resale. In addition, a full property management service is available that looks after all post-completion activities including handover, furnishings, lettings and management!

Two distinct service offerings:

Whether you are entering the property market for the first time, and although you see the benefits of investing offshore, you prefer a more conservative approach; or you’re a seasoned investor with a large portfolio who appreciates the benefits of hedging against the Rand by diversifying with high performing off-plan properties in selected class A cities around the world;

We now benefit from a diversified product range and a value-added proposition to cater for your budget, outlook and appetite!


Purchase of a title deed that is bought back from you after the approx. period of 3 years, with guaranteed annual appreciation accrued to you in the currency of the country transacted in.


Signature Investments headquartered in Liverpool is our trusted partner, who develop, sell and manage property investments in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Unlike companies who merely source properties to sell, Signature create and manage them. This offers you the unique opportunity to buy into a development, be issued with a property title deed, which is bought back from you on project completion with specified annual gains (normally ± 3 years).

Signature is a major investor in the hospitality sector through a combination of property developments in the hotel, serviced apartment and residential sector, together with ownership of an operational hotel business. Signature’s principal activity is in the future growth and expansion of Signature Living Group of companies and is focused on the delivery of high-quality assets primarily within the hospitality and real estate sectors.

Revolutionising property investment around the globe by giving you a simple ‘money in, money out’ investment product with fantastic appreciation! Suiting the investor who prefers a hands-off product which offers a reliable and guaranteed return.


Outright purchase of off-plan high yielding units in select class-A cities globally with long term ownership outlook.


IP Global headquartered in Hong Kong has a truly global presence in Europe, the Middle East, throughout Asia. And now with offices in Cape Town and Sandton, Johannesburg!

IPG has a breathtaking track record in seeking out and purchasing high-quality off plan property developments, and assisting by identifying and securing access to the world’s best property investment opportunities.

Offering steady guidance on each step of this exciting journey by streamlining global property investing. At the core is a research driven and dedicated team of industry experts who identify key locations globally having a real prospect for capital growth with competitive rental yields. This research is based on analysing supply vs. demand and existing sales and rental data.

Once an area for growth is identified, IPG works with well-established residential property developers, pre-buying off plan units in bulk, affording the opportunity to acquire units at preferential rates.

Elements RandExit has registered as distribution brokers for IP Global & Signature Investments. Assisting you throughout the entire process, from securing the right unit, accessing finance/mortgage facilities, full conveyancing support, letting, management, and ultimately through to re-sale if that fits your investment goal.